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Pear cut Tanzanite and marquise cut London blue topaz silver and gold triple gem finger ring rubover setting in 9ct gold the stones are placed asymetrically on a plain D section finger band 
Tanzanite is a blue example of Zoisite found in Tanzania availiable since the 60's believed to be benificial to help expand physical and mental sight and is also helpful to the skin. Blue topaz is a stone for those of a creative nature, being especially useful for writers ?

The silver band is 5 mm in width x 1.7mm Tanzanite gemstone is a 6mm x 4mm pear cornflower blue colour 
two marquise London blue topaz 6mm x 3mm


Tanzanite and London blue topaz silver and gold triple gem finger ring


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This design of ring can be made in most finger sizes with various precious or semi precious gemstones and of course can be made in white and yellow gold of different carats please feel free to message me with your ideas, important to give me your finger size for a quote, all my rings are hallmarked in accordance with the current legislation at the London Assay Office and carry's my makers mark bespoke rings can take 4 to 5 weeks to make.  

Please get measured accurately at a good independant jewellers for your finger size, 

I take my finger size measurements from the leading edge of the finger band.

A ring resized becomes a custom personalised order and therefore not returnable.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have your finger sized accurately at a competent Jewellers before purchasing, bear in mind fingers swell in warm conditions and shrink in cold, a wider band is tighter on the finger than a thin band try on rings of a similar width and profile as to the one you wish to order in order to achieve a correct comfortable fit.

Your ring will be sized from the instruction you give when you make your purchase 

I use the trade standard wheatsheaf ring guages, the resizing of a ring will incur a minimum labour fee of £40.00 plus material costs, payable before I undertake the work

DO NOT return a ring for resizing without notifying me first and use Royal Mail special delivery service all return postal costs and incidental shipping costs are down to you the purchaser, charging will be at my discretion which I will inform you of when we discuss your particular ring.


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